Trust an Orthodontist with Your Family’s Smiles

We’re two months into a brand new year, and it’s the perfect time to explore everything orthodontics has to offer! Have you been thinking about improving your smile in 2021? Maybe you’ve been curious about braces or aligners for your child? If so, you might be wondering if this is something your family dentist can handle or if you need someone who specializes in smiles. That’s where we come in! 

Although many people believe dentists and orthodontists are interchangeable, there are actually some significant differences that set them apart. It’s important to understand these in order to make an informed decision about your care. After all, you only get one smile! You don’t want to trust it to anything less than expert, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Coleman Orthodontics

Our practice is proud to provide families throughout Syracuse and the surrounding areas with exceptional orthodontic care. As a highly trained and skilled orthodontist, Dr. Coleman has spent years creating beautiful smiles for patients of all ages. Once you understand what we have to offer that most dental offices don’t, we think you’ll agree that you should only trust your family’s smiles to an expert orthodontist! Keep reading below to learn more.

Extra education, training, and experience

Dentists and orthodontists are on a similar path until they complete dental school. Following graduation, orthodontists will enter a residency program. These are extremely competitive, and only the top graduating dental students are accepted! These programs usually last 2-3 years and include specialized education and training that focuses on diagnosing and correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues. 

In other words, an orthodontist like Dr. Coleman is a dentist who also happens to have several extra years of instruction in orthodontics! While there are exceptions to every rule, most general dentists won’t possess this same level of training and experience when it comes to straightening smiles.

As you can see, there’s an awful lot that goes into becoming an orthodontist. Just ask Dr. Coleman! Following his undergraduate training at Weber State, he attended the University Of Louisville School Of Dentistry and graduated Summa Cum Laude as a Doctor of Dental Medicine. He then continued his residency training in orthodontics at the University of Louisville where he received his Masters in Science degree and a certificate as an orthodontic specialist. When you choose Coleman Orthodontics, you’re truly putting your smile in the best hands!

But…can dentists straighten teeth?

This comes with a bit of a “yes, but…” answer. All dentists do receive some basic orthodontic training at school, although it’s pretty minimal. There are some general dentists out there who can provide quality orthodontic care to their patients, but this is usually due to them acquiring extra skills through seminars and workshops. Though they are able to expand their orthodontic experience this way, it’s not ideal. Compared to rigorous programs dedicated to orthodontics, continuing education courses aren’t really able to cover such extensive material in any real depth.

If you have a family dentist who offers orthodontic care, we understand why you’d be tempted to take them up on it. You’re already familiar with their office and staff, after all, and most of us aren’t big fans of the unknown! But before you move forward with orthodontic treatment from your dentist, consider what an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Coleman can offer, including:

  • a wider variety of treatment options
  • a customized treatment plan built around your unique smile, lifestyle, and goals
  • more efficient treatments and visits, since orthodontics is the main focus
  • the best outcome for your smile, particularly if your case is complex or severe

At Coleman Orthodontics, our only focus is providing high-quality orthodontic care and superior results. Our Syracuse office uses the latest in orthodontic techniques and technology, so we’re able to provide our patients with the best results in the least amount of time possible. Dr. Coleman performs teeth-straightening procedures daily and our entire team keeps up to date on the latest in industry practice. We dedicate a lot of time and energy to giving patients a rewarding experience from their first appointment to their last!

Trust an Orthodontist with Your Family’s Smiles

Customized care gives you incredible results

As the patient, it’s up to you to choose the care provider you feel most comfortable with.  But when it comes to the way your teeth look and feel, we think it makes sense to consider an orthodontist who has the education, training, and experience to give you the confident smile you deserve.

Think of it this way: if you needed open heart surgery or a broken bone set, would you ask your family doctor or would you seek out a specialized surgeon or orthopedist? While general dentists may be able to provide some basic orthodontic work, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best choice. And doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Trust your family’s smiles to the experts at Coleman Orthodontics 

At Coleman Orthodontics, our goal is to make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Since our sole specialty is orthodontics, you’ll find that Dr. Coleman and the rest of our team have the experience and expertise necessary to give you a stress-free experience and exceptional results! 

Would you like to learn more about how orthodontics can transform your smile? We’d love to meet you and your family! When you schedule your FREE consultation with our office, Dr. Coleman will perform an extensive exam. When he’s done, he’ll walk you through any diagnosis and outline a personalized treatment plan just for you. Don’t worry! This is a no-pressure appointment. If you decide not to pursue orthodontic treatment immediately, we’ll still be happy to answer any questions you might have to help you make an informed decision on your care.

Your family deserves a lifetime of healthy smiles, so get in touch today to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Coleman!