High-Tech Orthodontics: 3D Digital Scanning & CBCT Technology

Here at Coleman Orthodontics, our goal is to provide every patient we see with the most effective treatment and best results possible. That begins with an accurate assessment of their unique orthodontic needs using high-tech orthodontic tools like 3D digital scanning & CBCT technology! When you choose our practice, Dr. Coleman will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan with an eye towards lasting results. That means we need as much information as possible about your oral health in order to give you the confident smile you deserve! 

For several years now, 3D scanning and printing technology has been shaking things up in almost every industry, including orthodontics. Current 3D imaging technology uses Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT, to capture high-definition images of your mouth with extremely low levels of radiation. These three-dimensional images are ultra-precise, allowing Dr. Coleman to create an incredibly efficient treatment plan and a superb fit for your custom appliance. 

Adding this amazing technology to our practice has allowed us to provide an extra element of ease in preparing for treatment with braces. It also helps to eliminate surprises and prevent unnecessary procedures during your orthodontic journey with us. Let’s take a closer look at how the 3D scanning and CBCT technology we use could benefit you and your smile!  

Improving your x-ray experience

Dr. Coleman also uses a Carestream 9600 radiograph machine for x-rays. This impressive technology allows us to capture a 3D image of a patient’s teeth and jaws, giving Dr. Coleman a more accurate picture to determine what issues are present.  

Unlike a traditional spiral CT scanner, this 3D system utilizes CBCT technology to provide precise digital images that are crystal clear. It minimizes your exposure to radiation at the same time. This allows us to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments in our office, helping to reduce multiple visits.

The Carestream 9600 also offers unmatched visualization of anatomical detail, which aids Dr. Coleamn in planning your treatment. He is better able to identify and explain your unique needs using this technology, and will be better prepared to address any questions you may have about your orthodontic journey.

High-Tech Orthodontics: 3D Digital Scanning & CBCT Technology

How does the 3D scanning process work?

Before traditional braces can be placed on a patient’s teeth, there’s quite a bit of prep work that must be completed. This includes x-rays, intraoral photographs, and an impression of the mouth. For a long time, this was only possible using a goopy alginate material that could be messy and uncomfortable. Each of these steps is an important part of the treatment process, giving Dr. Coleman what he needs to build a custom treatment plan around each patient’s specific needs. 

Outside of prep work, we would previously use plaster to construct a model of the teeth then send it through the mail to a lab. The lab would construct what we needed based on that model, be it an expander, space maintainer, retainer, or some other orthodontic appliance. This process was very reliable, but it could be less accurate than digital scanning, resulting in 2-3 more appointments for patients. That’s where our iTero 3D scanner shines! 

With iTero, Dr. Coleman uses a small wand to capture a digital image of each tooth as well as the layout of the gums and mouth. These are saved into our computer system automatically. This entire process usually takes less than 15 minutes and provides us with an extremely accurate 3D view of your mouth. 

The data is then sent to the appropriate orthodontic lab wirelessly with just the click of a button. The lab will print out a 3D stereolithographic model, create the appliance needed, and have it back to our office in about a week. With faster turnaround times and increased accuracy, iTero is a win for everybody involved!

What are the benefits of 3D scanning and CBCT technology?

3D imaging technology reveals much more information about your smile than traditional x-rays. This specificity helps Dr. Coleman build a more effective treatment plan and anticipate any potential challenges, giving you a smoother, speedier, and more optimal experience. Other benefits include: 

  • lower risk of surprises during treatment
  • a detailed view of your dental and facial anatomy
  • less radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays
  • an exceptional level of individualized orthodontic treatment
High-Tech Orthodontics: 3D Digital Scanning & CBCT Technology

Take your treatment high-tech with Coleman Orthodontics

Coleman Orthodontics is proud to offer the latest in orthodontic technology. The high-tech equipment we use helps to eliminate the mess and extra time involved in traditional processing while giving us the most accurate images available. You’ll experience increased comfort levels from start to finish, a superior appliance fit, and long-lasting results you’ll love! Having ready access to your scans also means we can adjust or reprint as necessary, decreasing the total amount of time spent in our office. 

To learn more about how high-tech orthodontics can work for you and your smile, get in touch today to schedule a FREE consultation with our talented team!